Car Unlock Service

Get your car open now. 843-900-5888

When you need a car unlock, we know you need it immediately. We will come to you fast so you can get back in your car and on with your day. No one can beat our quick response time for car unlock service and our competitive prices.

Extra Key Savings Special

We’re offering a new way to get into your car. Why have someone open your car with tools and likely scratch it up in the process, when you can get a spare door key for the same price?!

With valid proof of ownership documentation, we cut you a key by VIN to open your car FAST and you keep the key = all for the same price as an unlock service! $75 in most cases.

No one plans on having their keys locked in the car, if you have to pay to get them out, you should get a great deal!

There’s nothing worse than staring at your keys through the window of a locked car. They’re so close, but unreachable. Don’t hire just anyone to unlock your car, hire a professional. With over 10 years experience in the car key industry, we have  strategies to unlock even the most difficult vehicles.

We know that being locked out of your car is stressful and inconvenient. We’re here to help. Ask a Key Harbor representative how you can prevent having your keys locked in the car in the future.